‘HOTEL REVENUE CONSULTANT’ outsource started about 10 years ago and is a part of the hotels, resort industry with a number of revenue managers with great expertise across the state presently. We are a part of you because we act as a mediator between hotel owners/managers and the clients. Our approach is unique because we actively engage our stakeholders and work with them to achieve shared goals.

Over the years, HRC has helped hotel owners/managers to financially outperform their competitors and still get top notch services due to our coherence in revenue management strategies. We work for hotels on not just on a weekly or monthly basis, but also on a daily basis, and this unique feature of ours is to help eradicate issues associated with having a permanent revenue manager which can be time consuming and under certain conditions such might decide to leave, with these experiences we have seen that revenue management is more efficient having your own revenue manager at your beck and call and this you would get optimally from us because we would always ensure that a revenue manager is always in place even during sick leave or public holidays.

We go beyond marketing and branding, HRC is not restricted to certain hotels, with our revenue managers team we manage a diverse portfolio of hotel companies ranging from independent hotels, franchise hotels, modern budget hotels.

Our creative strategies has helped built ground breaking records with different hotels, and with great level of expertise our revenue managers handles Digital marketing in a superb manner that help ease hotel owners/managers on how to grow their business. Moreover, when we are provided with valuable data, like past sales and figure we tend to combine that with our own industry insights, we can help hotel owners and managers to adopt the right pricing strategy, and to target the right customers, through the right channels in order to optimize revenue generation.